Why did tumblr unfollow John simulatedcity. That is beyond unacceptable.

I had a friend message me about accidentally unfollowing me and realized that tumblr had also unfollowed someone else for me I Love This Content Platform

The blue website knows what’s best for us

Why did tumblr unfollow John simulatedcity. That is beyond unacceptable.

When is it appropriate to use 16 exclamation points after the word “Urgent” in the title of a work email?

When you want me to print glow in the dark frisbees for your daughter’s bat mitzvah obviously



Warning signs of a risky day care
In Virginia’s unregulated child-care industry, providers face no inspections, training or background checks. A Washington Post investigation found that 60 children have died in Virginia day cares since 2004. Below, learn what to look for when determining whether a day care poses risks to children.

Sign Number One: Non-Regulation Hexagonal Baby Fighting Ring
Only send your child to a daycare with a regulation octogonal baby fighting ring. Look for the BABY TAPOUT seal of approval on such a ring; non-approved rings are not subject to the stringent regulations that govern the manufacture of regulation baby fighting rings. That being said, the BABY TAPOUT seal of approval does not in and of itself prove the ring is adequate. Be sure to check regulation rings for the following:
-Is protective foam in good state of repair, and covering all eight support posts?
-Has it been washed on a regular basis?
-Is the paperwork in order? Regulations vary by state, but all rings have a section of paneling set aside for regulatory paperwork and stickers. Are these there, and if so, are they up to date?

I came to this rest stop to get an ez pass as advertised by government signage but there was no ez pass booth thing so welcome to the ez void too I guess